Industrial Controllers

Generac Power Systems offers a full line of commercial and industrial controllers to fit your generator needs.  Generac Power Systems also offers a full line of industrial transfer switch controllers. This includes the TXC-100 controller used with the TX Series transfer switches, and the ATC-300+ and ATC-900 for the PSTS series transfer switches.

* All pricing listed is in US dollars and is intended for our customers within the United States. For pricing specific to your region, please consult with your local Generac dealer.

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    Base Model/SKU: TXC-100 _

    Model Number: TXC-100

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    Base Model/SKU: ATC-300+ _

    Model Number: ATC-300+

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    Base Model/SKU: ATC-900 _

    Model Number: ATC-900

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    TX Remote Annunciator

    Base Model/SKU: TX Remote Annunciator_

    Model Number: TX Remote Annunciator

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    Remote Annunciator

    Base Model/SKU: Remote Annunciator_

    Model Number: Remote Annunciator

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    H-100 Control Panel

    Base Model/SKU: H-Panel_

    Model Number: H-Panel

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    Power Zone® Pro Sync

    Base Model/SKU: Power Zone® Pro Sync_

    Model Number: Power Zone® Pro Sync

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    Base Model/SKU: G-Panel_

    Model Number: G-Panel

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    Power Zone® 410

    Base Model/SKU: Power Zone® 410_

    Model Number: Power Zone® 410

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    Power Zone® Pro

    Base Model/SKU: Power Zone® Pro_

    Model Number: Power Zone® Pro