Light Tower MLTS LED

MLTS LED Light Tower

Simplify your lighting needs with the MLTS. Smart, Simple, Small footprint - the new MLTS is designed for a wide variety of applications. The 2-cylinder engine provides ample power for the LED fixtures, with optional export power for other jobsite needs. Its small, easy-to-tow size makes the MLTS a great lighting choice for general rental, construction, roadwork, events and more. The extended 220+ hour runtime means less fill-ups and more uptime. The choice is simple.  This LED light tower maximizes your return on your investment. Choose Mitsubishi or Kubota 2-cylinder engines. Features extra export power.

Features & Benefits

Easy to Use

  • Simple, easy-to-use controls
  • Rear hood with gas-assisted pistons provides ease of access for maintenance
  • Long 1000 hour service interval
  • Poly enclosure is impact-resistance and easy to clean
  • Compact design allows transport of up to 19 towers on a 53’ flatbed truck


  • Instant-on LED lights allow for faster startups, no waiting for warm-up, cool-down or restrike
  • Ground-adjustable fixtures for easy and safe lighting adjustments
  • Ergonomic, 2-handled manual winch standard; electric winch option


  • Durable LED lights have a life expectancy of 10 years, with a 5-year limited warranty
  • (4) powerful and efficient LED fixtures produce 188,000 total lumens
  • Coverage: 25,068 ft2 (1,840 m2) at 0.5 ft-c
  • Up to 206 hour runtime

*Results based on engine manufacturer and field test data after 100-hour engine break-in period and may vary based on factors including age and maintenance of equipment, environmental conditions and fuel density. Consult the Owners Manual for fuel and maintenance recommendations.


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Fuel Type: Diesel

Max Run Time: 0

Power (kW): 5

Lights: 4