Light Tower VT-Solar

VT-Solar Light Tower

Elevate your outdoor lighting experience with Generac Mobile’s VT Solar Light Tower, an environmentally conscious solution that harnesses the sun's energy to power four LED light fixtures at night. Its three solar panels collect energy during the day, storing it in internal batteries for uninterrupted illumination. Even when sunlight is insufficient, the tower seamlessly transitions to utility power or other external sources, offering a hassle-free, silent, and eco-friendly lighting solution. With no scheduled maintenance, no engine emissions, and a reduced carbon footprint, this Solar Tower embodies efficient, sustainable, and responsible lighting for your outdoor space.

Features & Benefits


Harnessing the sun's energy, the VT Solar Light Tower efficiently charges its onboard battery with three 320W solar panels, significantly reducing carbon emissions compared to traditional diesel-powered light towers. Your green solution for a brighter future.

Easy to Operate

The VT Solar Light Tower embodies user-friendly operation. With no need for fuel, it not only emits zero pollutants but also operates silently, ensuring minimal environmental impact. Its easy transportability, coupled with the convenience of standard 120V charging, makes it a hassle-free lighting solution.

Durable & Robust

Like all Generac Mobile products, the VT Solar Light Tower is built to last, offering excellent durability and resilience in various weather conditions.
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Power (kW): 11

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