Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Generator | 100kVA PRP 80

100kVA PRP 80 | Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Generator

Engineered for the Planet​

The EODev GEH2® is a hydrogen fuel cell power generator designed to replace diesel or gas gensets
in both mobile, prime and emergency stand-by applications.

This cutting-edge generator is completely zero emission, only rejecting water and heat as by-products.
No noise, no fumes, no CO2 or fine particles.

Scalable, efficient and easy-to-use the GEH2® is equipped with the latest generation of hydrogen
fuel cell from Toyota, giving it an exceptional reliability and a record life span.

Zero Noise, Zero Emissions, Net Zero!

• Energy source: Hydrogen (H2)
• Zero emissions 
• Compact Design 
• Low noise pollution 
• Eco-design 
• Optimized logistics and Plug & Play

• Power Output - ESP ISO rating: 110 kVA / 88 kW 
• Power Output - RPR ISO rating: 100 kVA / 80 kW 
• Voltage Output: 3-phase 400 V / 480 V 
• Frequency Output: 50 - 60 Hz 
• Operating Temperature: 5º F to 104º F without derating 
• Protection Index: IP 43

• Fuel Cell Brand: Toyota 
• Fuel Cell Type: PEM 
• Fuel Cell efficiency: 50% 
• Battery Type: LiFePo4 
• Battery Capacity: 44 kWh 


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