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Frequently Asked Questions  Light Towers

Some questions are more common than others. Explore the FAQs below to obtain insight on the products that interest you the most.

Why does the unit start but shutdown after 15 seconds?

If the fluid levels are all accurate, this is usually caused by a faulty oil pressure switch or high coolant temperature switch. To verify, remove the grounding wire on each switch (one at a time). If the unit starts and continues to run beyond 15 seconds, replace the switch.

Why do the lights turn off or flicker, then come back on?

The plasma arc within a metal halide light is self sustaining, provided sufficient power is provided to it (see 'How do metal halide lights work?'). If the generator voltage or frequency dips, even momentarily, the plasma arc is lost and requires the 'start' circuit to reignite. A heat sensitive metallic strip within the lamp must cool sufficiently to disconnect from the 'run' circuit. At this point, the 'start' circuit is reenergized, and the lamp is reignited.

How do metal halide lights work?

Metal halide lights utilize two circuits for operation; a 'start' circuit and a 'run' circuit. High voltage (~400V) is used to strike an arc across a small gap at one end of the arc tube. Temperature and pressure increase as this arc is sustained, ionizing the metal halides within the arc tube. Additionally during this 'starting' process, a heat sensitive metalic strip expands and eventually closes to the run circuit. At this point, the metal halides have provided a conductive path across the length of the entire arc tube. As long as sufficient power is provided across the circuit, the plasma arc will sustain itself.

Why won't any of the lights turn on?

If none of the lights will turn on, the issue is usually generator or generator capacitor related.

Why does one light turn off when another is turned on?

If turning on one light causes another to turn off, this is usually related to a faulty coil cord.

Why won't one of the lights turn on?

If only one light won't turn on, the lighting capacitor or transformer may be faulty.