Join Generac's  Energy Alliance Program

Generac’s direct Utility partnerships along with our nationwide Authorized Dealer Network creates a path for Utilities to deliver innovative products to their consumers and members. This exclusive program ensures premium support, a reliable energy solution and a value added service to consumers and members.

Exclusive Products: Guardian and Protector Series Standby Generators for Non-Emergency Applications

Generac’s Guardian Series Air-Cooled Automatic Home Standby (HSB) Generators are currently available to our Energy Alliance Program Partners. They are engineered to be Smart Grid Ready and also EPA certified for non-emergency Demand Response applications. Generac generators provide consumers with reliable backup power but also can serve as an energy source for utility companies during peak demand times or capacity congestion. In addition, select models within the Guardian Series are equipped with convenient WiFi capability, providing enhanced connectivity and control. Generac’s Guardian series come with Generac’s 5-Year Limited Warranty, ensuring both performance and peace of mind.

Generac’s Protector Series Liquid-Cooled Automatic Generators are engineered to be Smart Grid Ready and, depending on the unit size, may also meet emissions regulations set by the EPA to minimize environmental impact when used as an energy source during peak demand times or capacity congestion. Backed by Generac’s 5-Year Limited Warranty for automatic standby generators.

Generac Industrial Power generator for small businesses.

Exploring Our Three Partnership Programs

  • Marketing Partners – gain access to educational materials to teach their members or customers about the resiliency and energy management benefits of Generac products
  • Equipment Partners – receive preferred pricing by purchasing equipment directly from Generac and gain access to the company’s network of almost 10,000 dealers
  • Lifecycle Partners – leverage all the above mentioned benefits while adding in installation and ongoing maintenance services to increase the value of the products for customers

Discover Our Energy Alliance Program Partners

Our Energy Alliance Program is supported by a robust network of over 120 partners, including 60 utilities and co-ops, all committed to delivering exceptional power solutions. Our partners consist of a diverse range of professionals, such as authorized Generac dealers, who are dedicated to providing reliable service. With our focus on ensuring resilience, we’re now able to offer shorter time to installation, especially crucial in advance of the summer and hurricane season where extreme temperatures and severe weather make resiliency front-of-mind for customers and members.

In addition to our extensive partner network, we are proud to be a gold level sponsor of NRECA (National Rural Electric Cooperative Association).

Join us in empowering lives through reliable power—explore becoming an Energy Alliance Program partner today.

Our Diverse Partner Network: Uniting Utilities, Co-Ops and Energy Providers in our Programs