The Power of Diesel Fuel: The Proven Choice for Standby Power

Diesel-fueled generators are the workhorses of the industry. They can be an efficient choice for high kW applications, as well as for facilities where code requirements (NEC 700 and NFPA 110) call for on-site fuel storage, like hospitals and 911 call centers. They can also provide backup power in remote areas where businesses do not have access to the natural gas supply.

To provide the best possible diesel-fueled solutions, Generac specifies diesel engines proven in real-world applications under adverse conditions. They are designed for: 

-  Easy maintenance

-  Extreme endurance

-  Dirty fuel tolerance

Diesel engines also provide the response, power, and longevity required for many applications. They are also EPA-compliant from the Generac factory providing you with a single stop for all your generator support. 

At the same time, diesel engines have some weaknesses. Diesel fuel is expensive, has a large carbon footprint, and needs to be conditioned annually. In addition, fuel deliveries can be difficult during bad weather or disasters. As a result, many companies are now considering natural gas generators or bi-fuel generators as options, either as an alternative or as part of an integrated paralleling situation where both diesel and gaseous generators are combined.

Diesel generators next to an office building.

Generators Built to Endure the Most Severe Environments - Inside or Outside

Multiple Switches Being Flipped

Before any of our industrial generator designs go into production, we evaluate, analyze, and test them down to the tiniest detail. This includes a full spectrum sound test, endurance testing, and a comprehensive set of highly specialized tests on cooling system performance, a torsional analysis, transient response, and maximum motor starting and structural soundness. This stringent testing process and design verification ensures each engine not only meets every major industry standard, including UL2200, CSA, NFPA 110, and NEC, but also meets the most demanding standards of all our customers.

Best in Class Engines

Our engines are built to withstand harsh conditions and our generators feature proven injection technology with increased tolerance for dirty fuel, (diesel) common in generator applications, ensuring the most reliable performance in the industry.

Protection from the Elements

Generac manufactures its own generator enclosures to ensure each unit combines the highest level of durability with the latest engineering advancements in noise reduction, weather resistance, and streamlined design. In addition to our standard enclosures, we also offer high performance and extreme performance enclosures.

Rugged Base Frames

Generac’s heavy-duty base frames ensure accurate alignment between the engine and alternator at all times. Oil and water drain points are situated for easy access. Vibration isolators contribute to smooth operation, and power cable stub-ups are positioned for easy installation.

Advanced Digital Controls

The industrial control panel combines durable construction with seamlessly integrated components and features like constant monitoring, built-in alarms, and adjustable parameters, helping ensure reliable generator operation.

Fully Integrated Vertical Design

The Generac integrated approach results in the right system for the right application, every time. We match the engine, alternator, controller, enclosure, base tank, and software to provide the most effective power solution for all your power needs.

Outdoor Generators with Pipes

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Sales, Design, Installation and Service Support

No matter the need for standby power—whether to keep a hospital operating, a data center functioning, or a factory producing—count on Generac Industrial Power to provide the right product to meet your demands.

If you have questions about our diesel generators, single or paralleled, or just want to learn more, contact one of our Commercial and Industrial Distributors. 

Our worldwide network has factory-trained and certified technicians with trusted expertise in system design, sizing, installation, commissioning, diagnostics and repairs.