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Both natural gas and diesel engines, along with gen sets, have proven performance and reliability. Diesel has a higher power density and can reach full load more quickly than natural gas; however, natural gas generators can meet the <:10 minimum startup time required for emergency power supply systems. Once started, reliability and performance of diesel, natural gas, and bi-fuel generators are equivalent. Diesel generators have a higher overall efficiency.

-  Natural gas, diesel, and bi-fuel generators have proven performance and reliability.

-  Natural gas generators can meet the :10 startup time required for emergency power systems.

-  The overall efficiency (HHV/kWe) of diesel generators is 15% - 25% higher than natural gas. 

Find Your Total Cost of Ownership

Generac's Industrial Power's Total Cost of Ownership Calculator takes your local rates and product requirements into account when determining your total costs of ownership.  This will help you determine your generator startup calculation.  From there, you can go on to learn about the benefits of natural gas power or diesel units.



Learn More About the Benefits of Natural Gas Power

Environmental Responsibility: Smaller Carbon Footprint

Pond with Trees and Grasses

Natural gas is one of the cleanest fossil fuels to use. Emissions of sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) are considerably lower when compared to diesel fuel.

Diesel engines also emit more nitrogen oxide and particulate matter than similar spark-ignited units, which has led to increased scrutiny from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Intense emission level regulations and aggressive tier changes from the EPA could eventually result in diesel engines being taxed at a greater rate due to their higher carbon dioxide emissions.

In addition, the high level of emissions produced by diesel gensets may increase the difficulty in procuring an air-quality permit. Obtaining an air-quality permit for natural gas units is easier because they produce fewer harmful emissions. For companies that emphasize a core value of “being green”, natural gas is the best fuel choice in most situations.

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