Transfer Switch Installation Process

Installation Process

Electricians are trained professionals that know national and local electrical codes to ensure a safe installation. Find a local dealer to install your transfer switch.

Test By Transferring From Utility to Generator Power

  1. Move generator outside
  2. Insert Male plug into generator
  3. Plug in female connector to bottom of inlet box
  4. Turn OFF all circuit breakers in transfer switch and load center
  5. Start the generator outside
  6. Turn ON main circuit breaker in transfer switch
  7. Turn ON circuit breakers 1 at a time in transfer switch

Transferring Generator Power Back to Utility

  1. Turn OFF generator main breaker in transfer switch and turn ON utility main breaker
  2. Turn ON any branch circuit breakers that are OFF
  3. Shut down the generator
  4. Unplug power cord from transfer switch first, then the generator
  5. Let the generator cool before storing in a cool, dry place

Always follow your owner’s manual for generator and transfer switch instructions and use.

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