Understanding home standby generator installation 

Choosing to install a backup generator is a commitment to staying prepared. It's a multi-step process that begins with meeting your local Authorized Generac dealer.


How can I prepare to meet with my local dealer?

When you request a quote, one or more Authorized Generac Dealers will contact you to schedule a free no-obligation at-home consultation. At the meeting, dealers will gain understanding of your unique needs and help you weigh available options. They'll also provide you with custom estimates for total solution cost.

You can expect to discuss:

  • Generator placement
  • Installation site requirements
  • Any necessary system requirements
  • Fuel source and connection
  • Property restrictions (including HOA or community regulations)


Where will my generator be installed?

During your at-home consultation, a dealer will help you pick the best location for installing your standby generator. They'll seek a stable, well-drained area with enough space to accomodate generator maintenance. The closer the site is to a natural gas line and the electric meter, the more you will save on installation costs. 

Person installing and doing maintenance on Generac generator outside. Person working on wires of transfer switches panel outside of home. Person working on gas connection and pipes outside of home. Person making installing Generac generator.


What happens after an install site is selected?

After site selection, your dealer’s local team will prepare the site, often with a concrete slab or pea gravel. They'll connect the fuel line, and install a transfer switch next to your main breaker box. The transfer switch is the piece of your backup power system that will automatically kick your generator into action after a loss of utility power. Before installation is complete, your dealer will make sure your home standby solution runs properly by simulating an outage.



How much will it cost to install my home standby generator?

No two installation jobs are the same, and your local dealer will help you determine the installation plan best suited to your unique needs. On average, installation costs of a home standby generator range from $8,000-16,000, including the generator itself. Pricing can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of the installation process and your location. 

Flexible financing options available

Most U.S. home standby generators can be financed for as low as $109/month and total costs range between $8,000 and $16,000, inclusive of the Generac Generator, System Equipment & Materials, and Installation.

Learn more about financing or contact an Authorized Generac Dealer to get a custom quote.

Explore Financing Options   


How long does generator installation take?

The installation of your home standby generator usually takes hours, but the process of preparing for it takes multiple weeks. Timing is impacted by dealer availability, site preparation, gas line preparation, obtaining a permit, and more.  

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