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Protect Your Investment

Protecting Your Investment

Protect Your Investment - Stay Connected with Your Generator

Now that your generator is connected to your home, you have the option to connect to your home backup power even further. Generac offers accessories to help you monitor your generator no matter where you live. With Mobile Link and the Tank Utility Fuel Level Monitor, you can keep track of your generator’s performance and fuel level if you use liquid propane. Talk to your dealer to see what accessories are the right solution for you.

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Mobile Link and 4G LTE Cellular Accessory

Generac Mobile Link provides visibility to your home standby generator’s health from a smartphone, tablet, or PC, ensuring your generator will be ready at a moment's notice. WiFi-enabled monitoring comes standard on air-cooled home standby units (not including PowerPact models). Homeowners who want uninterrupted connection can upgrade to the 4G LTE Cellular Accessory. The 4G LTE accessory works with Verizon for broad coverage, more reliable connections, and faster download speeds.

The Mobile Link 4G LTE Cellular Accessory is available as an optional accessory at the time of installation.

Tank Utility LTE Fuel Level Monitor

Tank Utility LTE LP Fuel Level Monitor measures the amount of liquid propane remaining in your tank. The Tank Utility monitor also integrates with Mobile Link to provide tank level readings, offering you the ultimate peace of mind. If your generator is fueled by liquid propane, the Tank Utility LTE LP Fuel Level Monitor accessory is available at any point during or after the installation of your generator. Ask your installer about Generac’s digital liquid propane tanks. We offer bundled liquid propane tanks with the Tank Utility Monitor, providing you and your dealer a one-stop shop.

Protect Your Investment - Maintain Performance

If you live in a region where the temperature regularly falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, you may want to consider installing a cold weather kit. Cold weather kits are available for your battery and oil filter. Cold temperatures can affect the startup of your generator. For regions that experience heavy icing, we offer a breather warmer.

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