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PWRcell Installer Resources

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Generac is more than your supplier, we're your business partner.  Ask any of the 3500 Generac Dealers across the country and they'll tell you that we helped build their business.

Get trained, get leads and start building your solar + storage business on PWRcell today.

Become an Installer
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Installer On-Boarding

1. Become an Installer

PWRcell Installer

Get started with a PWRcell installation certification and apply to become a PWRcell PWRpartner to access leads.

2. Start Selling

Get Selling

Get your sales team trained on solar + storage sales with the experts. Access marketing materials to help you dominate.

Design and Installation

3. System Sizing

PWRcell Design

Jumpstart the design process here with pre-configured single-line diagrams and more. Give your design team the tools they need.

4. Installation Resources


Useful for boots-on-the-ground, and on the roof. Find manuals and quick reference materials to make work in the field easy.

Operation and Maintenance

5. Fleet Management

Available to Generac PWRpartners, PWRfleet gives granular insight into all of your installed PWRcell systems.

6. Installer Technical Support


Need help?  Access support here.