Clean Energy FAQs

  • Where is the PWRcell Solar + Battery Storage System made?

    PWRcell Solar + Battery Storage System is designed in the USA and sourced globally from the highest quality materials. 

  • Is a transfer switch required to be installed with a PWRcell Battery Storage System?

    No, many configurations, including some backup power capable configurations, do not require an automatic transfer switch (ATS). When utilizing the PWRcell Battery Storage System for either whole home backup, generator integration, or AC-coupling, at least one PWRcell Automatic Transfer switch will be required.

  • Can I use a 3rd party transfer switch with a PWRcell System?

    No, the PWRcell Solar + Battery Storage System is only approved for installations with a PWRcell Automatic Transfer Switch.

  • Does the system support PV operation when the grid is offline?

    Yes, however this is dependent on site-specific applications, please contact support for guidance.

  • Is PV rapid shutdown built in?

    Yes, the PV Link achieves string-level rapid shutdown requirements and the SnapRS 802 product achieves module-level rapid shutdown requirements. Rapid shutdown can be initiated via the inverter or a remote shutdown switch.

  • What's the average lifespan on a PWRcell Solar + Battery Storage System System?

    There is not a time-dependent specified end of life on the PWRcell Solar + Battery Storage System but product life will vary based on use and environmental conditions.  Rest assured though, the battery has a 10-year warranty and other components in the system carry up to 25 years.  

  • Where can I purchase PWRcell Solar + Storage System products?

    Products are available through authorized distributors. Contact your inside sales representative for more information: 1-888-GENERAC x1861
  • What marketing is Generac offering in my area to promote the PWRcell?

    Generac has a nationwide marketing communications plan that includes TV, digital, print, public relations, and direct mail.
  • How will the sale of PWRcell products benefit my partnership with Generac? (pricing, status, coop, rebates, etc.)

    Clean Energy products will be included in all your current program benefits.
  • How can I sign up for the new PowerPlay CE?

    If you are an aligned dealer, you can purchase the PowerPlay CE tool from your Dealer Connection account. If you are not yet an aligned dealer, you can sign up for training to get started.
  • What is PowerPlay CE?

    PowerPlay CE is an all-in-one sales enablement tool that combines lead management, sizing calculators, diagrams, proposal tools, and more to deliver a clean energy solution that's tailored to each individual customer.
  • What happens with the leads being generated by the Generac informercial and through the Generac website?

    All leads Generac captures are nurtured through the sales process by Generac inside sales before being funneled to our PWRpartners. Our goal is to deliver high quality leads to our partners for mutual success. To sign up for Generac PowerPlay CE and become a PWRpartner, go to https://www.generac.com/resources-and-tools/ce-installer-resources/powerplay-ce.
  • Does the PWRcell system have any specific safety requirements for installation?

    Our installation manuals provide safe installation guidance. Additionally, installers should refer to locally enforced code (NFPA 70, etc) and requirements.
  • What are the special transportation requirements for the battery modules?

    Li-ion battery modules are classified as hazardous freight and should be handled, transported and labeled as such.
  • Who should we contact for installation or general tech support?

    Generac Tech Support may be reached at:  1-855-635-5186
  • What is the maximum recommended PV input for the system?

    The system is capable of supporting 15kW of DC PV. Daily cycling of dual batteries are recommended with larger arrays. 
  • How do I become certified to sell and install generators?

    The first step is to take the necessary training courses. Visit https://www.generac.com/resources-and-tools/education-and-training/service-training to view the course catalogs and learn more about our air-cooled HSB generator certification. 
  • Does Generac provide training and certifications for the installation of the PWRcell Battery Storage System?

    Yes, Generac offers training courses that provide certification for installing and servicing PWRcell.
  • I'm interested in installing PWRcell, where can I sign up and learn more about training?

    Visit https://www.generac.com/resources-and-tools/ce-installer-resources/become-an-installer for more information on becoming an installer, as well as available training and certification courses.
  • What will training consist of? (length, cost)

    PWRcell training currently includes one course, ESS101: Introduction to PWRcell Installation (4 hours). The course is available for free, online and can be completed in as few as 4 hours.
  • How will training be tracked/identified?

    Training will be tracked through our normal service training process. New installers will be assigned a Tech-ID number that all certifications are associated with. GenService and Power Resource portals will show training classes completed when logged in.
  • How long will training be good for?

    Training will be valid for two years. Techs must recertify after training has expired
  • What does training allow me to do?

    ESS101: Introduction to PWRcell Installation instructs technicians on the proper technique, safety standards, and codes for installing Generac’s PWRcell product and will be a prerequisite for future courses.
    Completing this courses provides proof of training, if required for permitting. Additional local licensing still could be required.