Fleet Management

Installation Management Made Easy with PWRfleet

Your one-stop solution for organizing, managing and coordinating installations

Designed with solar installers in mind, PWRfleet’s dynamic fleet and site dashboards help you minimize the time spent identifying and triaging problems, and highlight opportunities for upsell and system improvements. The insights gained from PWRfleet’s comprehensive data enable you to reduce costly site visits and decrease your overall O&M costs.

Live Site Status

Consumption Monitoring

Solar Production

Storage Monitoring

Component-level Diagnostics
Alert Monitoring
Alert Monitoring

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View your installations in one place

  • View site details, advanced metrics and install capabilities for your fleet, or visualize it as an interactive map
  • Sort and filter functions allow you to quickly identify sites that need attention
  • Export your fleet data to a spreadsheet for quick reporting and custom processing
  • Mobile compatible: Get a live overview of your installs and monitor your fleet’s health from wherever you are

Customizable Metrics

Hone in on the metrics that matter most

  • With 25+ customizable metrics, you can easily adapt your dashboards to show only the most important statistics and metrics for your fleet
  • Choose from a comprehensive range of indicators such as simple production yield, performance ratio and self-consumption

Site-Level Dashboard

Surface and troubleshoot issues in real-time

  • Get a real-time view of equipment status, error conditions, and connectivity for all of your sites
  • With PWRfleet's historic performance charts you can evaluate site operations and identify opportunities for optimization and upsell
  • Keep key site information readily accessible, with site notes and the ability to attach diagrams and pictures

Equipment-Level Detail

View comprehensive site conditions

  • Visualize string level status and PVlink diagnostic. Error surfacing helps you rapidly pinpoint issues and spend less time on site.
  • Track each battery's status and ensure that your customer's PWRcell is always ready to provide backup power.

Alert Dashboard

Stay Informed and Prepared

  • Get visibility on problematic devices across your fleet
  • Access to real time device event logs, alert history and troubleshooting tips for diagnosis
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Watch our webinar, “PWRcell & PWRfleet: Combining the Ease of Integrated Solar + Storage with Intuitive Fleet Management” for a demo of all the intuitive features in the PWRfleet solution, and an overview of ways to streamline your operations and minimize O&M costs. View the sell sheet for your quick guide on PWRfleet's features.

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