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Recurring Webinars and Trainings

Webinar Description
PowerPlay CE New User training This webinar will take the user through the initial company setup, materials, pricing, user management, creating a project, and the proposal process
ESS101: Introduction to PWRcell Installation Instructs technicians on the proper technique, safety standards, and codes for
installing Generac’s PWRcell Solar + Battery Storage System.  Free, online, 4-hour course.

On-Demand Webinars

Webinar Description
PWRcell Sales 101: PWRcell System Benefits Register for this course to familiarize yourself with our solution and it's core value proposition.
PWRcell Sales 201: PWRcell Sales Process and Applications Sales professionals who are already familiar with the PWRcell system can take this course to learn more about approaching technical sales and meeting customer needs with the PWRcell system.
Understanding Load Management Unlock performance and value with load management. PWRcell enables solar integrators to sell fewer batteries to cover more loads. Learn more in this 60min webinar recording.
Benefits of Single-OEM solar + storage Single-OEM solar + storage solutions streamline installations, increase system reliability and reduce O & M costs downstream. Lear more in this 60min webinar recording. 
PWRzone Solar Vs. MLPE MLPE solar solutions have dominated the market since NEC 2017 mandated module-level rapid shutdown - but did you know that there is a simpler, more rugged and easy to install solution? Learn about the benefits of PWRzone in this 60min webinar recording. 
PWRcell Fundamentals: Installing PWRzone Solar Technical webinar focused installing PWRzone.  Covers what installers need to understand to reduce costly installation errors.  During the webinar we cover REbus technology, PWRzone PV equipment, installation and design basics, all with a focus on how to avoid the common installation mistakes and how to troubleshoot. 
PWRcell Sizing and Design This technical webinar is focused on properly sizing Generac PWRcell solar + storage systems. We will examine how to calculate PV sub-string size, backup loads, and proper battery sizes to ensure you select the appropriate equipment.
Leveraging SGIP's New Incentives to Drive Installations Learn all about SGIP and how to communicate this program to homeowners.
PWRcell and PWRfleet: Combining the Ease of Solar + Storage with Fleet Management In this one-hour session, we’ll share an overview of industry’s only integrated solar and storage system and demo how the PWRfleet platform’s intuitive features further help to streamline operations, make troubleshooting seamless and reduce O&M costs.