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Connecting Your Home Standby

How to Connect Your Home Standby


  • On your controller, press OFF then Escape to access the Main Menu 
  • On your controller, Select "Setup WiFi" and press Enter
  • The generator will display "Starting WiFi" for a few moments
  • The generator will display "Setup WiFi" again to confirm, select "Yes" then press Enter


1.  On Your Generator
2.  On Your Mobile Device

Connect to the MLG Network

A message may appear saying "Internet may not be available" - this message is expected, and is nothing to worry about.



  • Type in the address bar on your mobile device and click enter
  • Select your country and time zone then click "Next"
  • Select your Wi-Fi network and enter your password (click "Show" to verify that the password entered is correct), then click "Connect"
  • If you are using a booster, be sure to connect to your booster rather than your Wi-Fi


3.  On Your Mobile Device
4.  On Your Mobile Device & Your Generator
  • When your generator displays "Now connected to:" press Enter
  • When your phone shows "You're connected!" this means your generator is connected and communicating.
  • Your generator should automatically obtain the time zone. Press Enter to continue. 
  • The screen on your generator will suggest an update via USB or Wi-Fi - press Escape to skip (the update will occur on it's own in the background.) 

**If the Wi-Fi signal is less than 40% and there are communication issues, a booster may be recommended.  See our recommended booster below or contact an Authorized Generac Dealer to purchase a compatible booster.  If you are using a booster, be sure to connect to the booster rather than your home Wi-Fi.**

Recommended Booster

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