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Site Preparation

Generator Site Preparation

How Your Installer Chooses the Generator’s Location

Site preparation is an important first step in the installation process. This includes your installer finding the optimal spot to place your generator. Following safety guidelines, the installer will not only search for a suitable area that fulfills the necessary criteria, but also consider the landscape of your home.

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A few of the safety guidelines include the generator having at least 3 ft. of clearance at the front and sides. At the back of the generator, there should be at least 1.5 ft. of clearance. The installer will also consider the best way to ensure the generator is level. Options for leveling the generator is covered further in the next section, “Preparing the Generator’s Base.” Keep scrolling to learn more.

The generator will also need to sit away from openings in your home such as windows, doors, vents, window wells, or openings in the wall. This is to prevent Carbon Monoxide, a toxic gas, from entering your home.

Another consideration is how far or close the generator will be to its fuel source. Placing the generator as close to the natural gas meter or liquid propane tank can save on additional piping and trenching, which can also lower the cost of the installation.

Preparing the Generator’s Base

Once the site is agreed upon by you and the installer, the next step is to lay the base. Generac recommends the installer creates a level base for the generator to sit on. For some homes, such as those in flood-prone or hurricane-affected areas, the generator will need a secure spot to live.

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Pylex Stand

Pylex Stands are recommended for generators that may need to be placed in an area where the ground is uneven, such as on a slope. Like the Gorilla stands, these stands can also be used to lift the generator in flood-prone areas.

After your installer places the base and generator, they will move to the next step. Move along with them by clicking the arrow below or above.