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At Generac, our team is committed to providing power generation engineering professionals with a valuable, comprehensive selection of resources to fuel continued development within their field. From advanced tools like our innovative generator sizing software to industry updates in our monthly newsletter and educational opportunities at our career-enriching seminar series, the experts at Generac are here to support you.

If you're looking to optimize your projects, expand your knowledge base, grow your network, and enjoy new levels of career success, explore our resources below.

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Empowering Generator Configuration & Sizing with  Power Design Pro™

Power Design Pro is a state-of-the-art software tool that Generac developed to accurately determine the optimal generator configuration and sizing for a project, simplifying the selection process. With this easy-to-use tool and its innovative algorithms, you can make accurate load calculations and access specifications for Generac products. Designed by engineers, for engineers, this mechanical and electrical design tool features a user-friendly interface and cloud-based architecture. Efficiently share and collaborate on your projects, access them from multiple devices using a single login, and perform dynamic calculations to receive real-time results with Power Design Pro.

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Elevate Your Career with the  Professional Development Seminar Series

Take your engineering career to new heights with Generac's Professional Development Seminar Series (PDSS). Engage in diverse seminar topics led by industry experts and seize networking opportunities to connect with fellow professionals. Expand your knowledge and skills in the power generation field, gaining valuable insights that will unlock new opportunities in your career journey.

Engineering Resources

In addition to our software solutions and educational materials, Generac also offers an abundance of support resources for generator engineers and power professionals. Explore our extensive library of Building Information Modeling (BIM) documents, comprehensive product specifications, and Energy Management services. Take advantage of our essential resources to simplify your design process and enhance project efficiency

The Generac Advantage

Generac has been a power industry leader in North America for over six decades, supplying quality, high-performance products to facilitate reliable power generation. We design and manufacture innovative solutions for the industrial power marketplace, including equipment like the following:

  • Diesel, natural gas, and bi-fuel generators (standalone or paralleled genset solutions)
  • Engine-powered devices
  • Transfer switches
  • Battery energy storage systems
  • Aftermarket parts and service

Our products have applications across diverse industries ranging from healthcare and education to telecommunications and data centers.

Unrivaled Engineering Support

In addition to developing leading technologies, we are also committed to delivering unrivaled engineering support. As we believe that ongoing education and training are crucial to success, we offer an extensive suite of tools and resources to support you in diverse projects. Our goal is to offer tools that instill greater confidence and expertise, empowering the next generation of engineers.

Unlocking Collaboration & Support: No matter what tools you need to succeed, you'll find the resources you need at Generac. Our team is always available to provide expert guidance, assisting you through:

Large dealer network: Generac works with an expansive network of authorized dealers to provide you with quality parts and services near you, as well as installation support. Our Industrial Distributor Network and in-house technical team are available whenever you need assistance.

Technical support: To answer even your toughest questions, we staff a dedicated technical support team that can help with troubleshooting and providing solutions for your equipment and power generation challenges.

Online resources: Our website gives you access to user manuals for our products, troubleshooting guides, FAQs, and a multitude of other informational resources.

Contact Our Experts to Unlock Your Full Potential as a Power Professional

At Generac, we're committed to offering all the tools you need to succeed in the power industry. Whether you'd like more information on our Power Design Pro software or our continuing education opportunities, our team is standing by to offer support whenever you need us. If you have any questions about our professional resources, contact our team today.

Keeping You Up to Date with Generac's SpecWire Newsletter SpecWire Newsletter

Staying informed on industry advancements is crucial for engineers at any point in their careers. Generac's Specwire™ Newsletter serves as a simple method for staying on top of the latest news and trends in power generation and equipment. Posted monthly, this newsletter focuses on new Generac tools and resources, insider tricks, industrial marketing topics and campaigns, field experiences, and much more.

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