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Generac OHVI® Engine Features

Generac’s OHVI engine utilizes the same type of pressurized oil lubrication used to give automobile engines long and trouble free lives and has a significantly longer life than many competitive engines—an unprecedented three to four times longer.

Generac OHVI<sup>&reg;</sup> Engine <strong>Features</strong>

Plasma Filled Moly Ring and Plateau Honed Cast Iron Cylinders

Components decrease oil consumption and create less engine wear. Promote greater heat dissipation for longer engine life.

Low Oil Pressure Protection

Protects the engine from damage due to improper lubrication. It senses oil pressure and will shut down the engine if the oil level becomes dangerously low, or if the oil overheats and loses viscosity. This system is far superior to other systems that only sense oil level.

Dual Element Air Filter

Protects the engine from dirt and extends service intervals, even in the toughest working environments.

Automotive-grade Spin-on Oil Filter

Full pressure lubrication allows the OHVI engine to use an automotive grade oil filter. This filter removes dirt and carbon solids that cause premature engine wear, ensuring long engine life.

Pressurized Lubrication System

OHVI engines are positively lubricated from start-up to shutdown by a lubrication system that pumps oil directly to every critical engine bearing and at greater angles of operation.