Standby Generator, 100kW | 1800rpm | Aluminum Enclosure | SCAQMD Compliant

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Standby Generator, 100kW | 1800rpm | Aluminum Enclosure | SCAQMD Compliant

Provides essential circuit power protection for your home, ensuring the necessities remain powered during an outage. This affordable automatic standby generator offers protection for about half the cost of central air conditioning.

5-Year Limited Warranty - Consistent with the Protector Series lineup, 5-year limited warranty is standard.

True Power™ Technology delivers best-in-class power quality with less than 5 percent total harmonic distortion for clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances.

Tough, Durable All-Aluminum Enclosures: Our RhinoCoat™ powder-coated finish helps make corrosion-resistant aluminum perfect for all weather conditions.

24/7/365 Customer Support Team standing by all day, every day from our headquarters in Wisconsin to answer any questions you might have.

Smart, User-Friendly Controls. Generac’s Evolution™ Controller features a multilingual LCD display that allows users to monitor battery status and track maintenance intervals to ensure your generator is always in top operating condition.

Quiet-Test™ Self-Test Mode runs at a lower RPM for a five- or twelve-minute test, making generators significantly quieter than other brands while consuming less fuel.

Mobile Link™ Remote Monitoring - Allows you to monitor the status of your generator from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Easily access information, such as the current operating status and maintenance alerts. Connect your account to your authorized service dealer for fast, friendly, and proactive service. With Mobile Link, you are taken care of before the next power outage.
Mobile Link comes standard with Protector Series 22 - 100 kW gaseous models and diesel (RD) models.  The Wi-Fi device is standard on every Protector series generator except for the RG13090/RG15090 and the 130 - 150 kW gaseous models.

Generac generators and engines are engineered and built in the USA*.
*Assembled in the USA using domestic and foreign parts

Generac Designed & Built Engine - Purpose-built exclusively for generator use. Engine originally designed and built for Generac Industrial applications.


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Product Series:

Fuel Type: Liquid Propane or Natural Gas

Oil Type:

Oil Capacity (qt): 10.5

Oil Capacity (l): 9.9

Oil Filter P/N:

Air Filter P/N:

Spark Plug P/N:

Battery Included:

Battery PN:

Battery Type: Group 31, 925 CCA

Battery Size: 12V

Engine Type: 8-cyl V-type

Engine Size:

Weight (kg): 1292

Weight (lb): 2848

Running Watts (W) 0

Mobile Link:

Quiet Test:

Length (in): 110.6

Length (cm): 281

Width (in): 39.5

Width (cm): 100.3

Height (in): 69.3

Height (cm): 176.1

Controller Type: Evolution

Enclosure: Aluminum

Max. Cont. Power (LP): 0

Max. Cont. Power (NG): 0

Max. Cont. Amps (LP): 0

Max. Cont. Amps (NG): 0

Main Line Circuit Breaker 400

NG Consumption - 50% (m3/hr): 18.9

NG Consumption - 100% (m3/hr): 32.5

LP Consumption - 50% (m3/hr): 6.2

LP Consumption - 100% (m3/hr): 10.2

LP Fuel Pressure Requirement (wc): 0

LP Fuel Pressure Requirement (mmHg): 0

NG Fuel Pressure Requirement (wc): 0

NG Fuel Pressure Requirement (mmHg): 0