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PowerPlay CE

PowerPlay CE

Your PWRcell sales and design tool


Scale, streamline and simplify your solar sales with PowerPlay CE.

Partner Program

Get Access to In-Home Assessments


1. Get Certified

Join Generac's 1-day Training & Certification session for the PWRcell integrated solution.

2. Sign up as a Partner

Scale, simplify and streamline your solar sales.  PowerPlayCE includes access to leads.

3. Let Marketing do the Hard Part

Our advertising programs include national TV and global promoting the value of solar + storage to homeowners, deliver priority lead share, qualification and scheduled in-home assessments.

4. Deliver Customer Value

Generac's technical support is available 24/7/365 for all energy storage and home energy monitoring needs.

Lead Generation

Double Down on Leads


Simply put, we provide our installers with a pipeline of customer leads so you can stay focused on installations and building business. Our multi-channel marketing campaigns, including TV and digital, run year round and we take care of inbound inquires and scheduling in-home assessments with qualified homeowners---so you don't have to.