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PowerPlay CE

Get Leads With PowerPlay CE<br/><br/>

1. Get Certified

Complete onboarding and the PWRcell Technical Training Course.

2. Sign up for POWERPLAY CE

Apply below to become a PWRpartner and start getting leads delivered for $199/year.

3. Let Marketing do the Hard Part

Our advertising programs promote the value of solar + storage to homeowners, so we can deliver qualified leads and IHC’s.

4. Deliver Customer Value

Generac's technical support is available 24/7/365 for all energy storage and home energy monitoring needs.

Get Qualified Leads Straight from the Source

PowerPlay is an innovative web-based platform and selling solution. It delivers users, called PWRpartners, with pre-qualified leads and a professional support structure to help them close sales. Our multi-channel marketing campaigns run year-round, and we take care of inbound inquires and scheduling in-home assessments with qualified homeowners---so you don't have to.

Not a certified PWRcell Installer yet? Click here to get started.


Sign up Today

Use the form below to apply to become a PWRpartner and get access to PowerPlay CE. Once you apply, the Generac team will reach out to complete the process.

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